Shelter Program

Seeking Shelter

While clients have no meet certain stipulations to be placed in transitional housing, the women’s shelter program, which house roughly 60 women each night, follows a more relaxed policy. The program has several pickup sites around the city where a van stops to bring women to the selters, and basically if a client can get to the van, she wil be admitted in the shelter.

New Vision House of Hope employs a security guard to keep women safe and anyone causing serious problems may be removed for the safety of others at the shelter. But Ralph says the open-door policy reflects New Vision House of Hope’s missin of embracing all those in need of help.

And that need is out there. New Vision House of Hope recently addded a new house to keep up with demand, and they also partner with a number of hospitals and other organizations who refer clients to New Vision House of Hope when theve’re out of beds. New Vision House of Hope staff can also look to other organizations to try to house women when their shelters are full.

No matter where the clients come from or where New Vision House of Hope staff can find them a bed, the goal is to aid their recovery by providing them with a safe space to heal.